From Earth

Kevin - the main character, aka. Myron, heir to the Master's Chair
Chris - New Yorker, moved to Omaha for a change of pace, advertising
Darrell - college football player
Theresa - sophomore Journalism major
Karl and Joan - Farmers, until the economy forced them to sell, moved to Omaha to find jobs.
Steve - retired high school history teacher



As Kevin and his friends make their way to Glendymere's canyon and then on to Badec's castle, they see both sides of life on Terah, the good and the bad. And every time they think they have a handle on things, something else pops up to remind them that they're not in Nebraska any more.

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The Master's Chair  

In The Master's Chair, Kevin and his companions explore the new world that is going to become their home. The first thing they'll have to get used to is magic. Not only do sorcerers exist, so do dragons, pegasi, unicorns, elves, dwarves, and a lot of other animals and races that have been relegated to myths and fairy tales on Earth.

There are other differences too. For one thing, there's no electricity, so they'll have to learn to get along without all the things that are an integral part of everyday life on Earth, like refrigerators, microwaves, TV's, hair dryers, even electric lights. Internal combustion engines don't work on Terah, so there are no cars, tractors, or motors of any kind. Batteries don't work either, so neither will their wristwatches. And the list goes on.

Everyday life resembles that of the early pioneers. Rural families are pretty much self-sufficient and business is based more on the barter system than on currency. There's very little news other than the backyard gossip of small communities. No one knows what's happening in the next town, much less on the other side of the world, and no one really cares. Life is simpler, but that doesn't mean easier, and Terah is far from a utopia. Bandits and slavers roam the countryside, murders are committed, and sometimes sorcerers use their power to terrorize. 

When I first started writing The Master's Chair, I had to create the world in which the story takes place. Since I was going to have to spend a lot of time there, I wanted it to be a place where I would be comfortable, a place where I could live. And Terah came into focus for me.

My first draft began the day Kevin arrived on Terah, but by the time I had written a couple of chapters, I realized that the story actually began long before that, before Kevin was even born. So I started over. Several drafts later, and after a lot of edits and rewrites, The Master's Chair was finished, but the story wasn't.

From Terah

Badec - Master Sorcerer of Terah, Kevin's father
Yvonne - Kevin's mother
Laryn - Badec's sister and second in command
Kalen - Dwarf - Keeper of the Gate Between the Worlds
Pallor- Elf - aka. Paul - lives on Earth, Kevin's godfather
Duane - Elf - Pallor's cousin
Xantha - Pegasus - has a mind link with Kevin
Glendymere - grandfather of all dragons, Kevin's tutor
Rolan - Sorcerer of Brendolanth - Kevin's primary enemy

The Chronicles of Terah

When I started writing the second book, The Dragon's Flame, I spent quite a bit of time outlining my plot to make sure I started at the right point and stayed on track. I didn't want to have to start over this time. But by the time I was about a quarter of the way through, the characters hijacked the story, threw my plot out, and wrote their own. I didn't have to start over, but I  had a lot of material that no longer fit and had to be cut. 

The third book ended up being the longest of the three, but if I hadn't decided to save a couple of plot lines for another book, it would have ended up even longer. Those plot lines will be the basis for the fourth book in the series.

Some of you have requested that I post the maps on my website because they're too small on the e-readers to be of much use. They're located after the book descriptions. 

The Dragon's Flame  

In The Dragon's Flame, Kevin and his companions adjust to their new roles on Terah. Magic takes a back seat to administrative duties as Kevin fills requests for transfers from his district sorcerers, investigates complaints about misuse of power, organizes a competition for a new district sorcerer, chairs the Council of Sorcerers, and represents humans at the Federation of Terah meetings. 

 While Kevin wrestles with his new responsibilities, the others do what they can to help as they come to terms with their own roles. As Kevin's assistant, Chris has his hands full keeping as many things as possible off of Kevin's desk. As Governor, Karl,and his assistant, Joan, organize and host the annual Minister's Conference and handle most of the internal business of Camden. Darrell, as Captain of the Guard, supervises the castle guard and tries to ensure Kevin's personal safety. Steve, as advisor to both Kevin and Karl, delves into the court records to formulate some kind of legal code. Theresa's role as a Sister of Healing takes her into the heart of the Sisterhood, where her duties keep bumping into Kevin's.

 Meanwhile, back in Trendon, Rolan continues planning and plotting as his determination to see Kevin dead intensifies.

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The Dragon's Flame is also available in print.

Main Characters

Welcome to Mackenzie's World

The Warrior Elf

Once again, Rolan's causing problems.  He's sent bounty hunters into North Amden to search for Landis and the elves are tried of dealing with them. Letters of complaint are piling up on Weldon's desk and everyone's expecting him to come up with a plan to end the invasion.  

Unfortunately the plan they come up with  involves both Kevin and Rhianna. Neither of them are comfortable playing the roles set out for them, but since no one can come up with something better, they're stuck with the plan, and each other.

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The Fourteenth Key 

Camden is being targeted by slavers in The Fourteenth Key, and the captives are disappearing without a trace. While Kevin and General Crandal try to find out who's behind the raids, his castle is in chaos over Laryn's wedding. Marriage on Terah is supposed to be a simple affair, but when the one getting married just spent a year filling in for the Master Sorcerer, things aren't quite so easy. 

 Things are a bit unsettled in Willow Canyon too. Glendymere still insists that Kevin show up at least three times a week for practice, and since he's soon going to be teaching Landis, Glendymere decides to give him a taste of being a mentor by having him work with Rhianna on using her connection with nature to influence weather. Meanwhile, Landis is having a lot of doubts, both about who to trust and whether or not she wants to become a sorcerer. She's not at all sure Rolan's as bad as they all tell her he is.

​At the same time, back in Trendon, Rolan's sending out more and more assassins with orders not to come home until she's dead, and some of them want to go home.

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The Fourteenth Key is also available in print.